So others don't forget the works of warriors who blazed the trail upon which we walk;

and as a tribute to the Civil Rights leader and administrative assistant to

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, Melody T. McCloud, M.D.

re-launched this website.

Here, you'll find a chronology of many points in Rev. Walker's life,

some of his words and a view of some of his interests.

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Photos shown are just some of the photos I’ve taken, taken of us, or those given to me by Dr. Walker from his personal collection. Others are file photos in the public domain, or, as noted.

Dr. King and Wyatt
Wyatt Tee Walker and MLK, Jr. Atlanta, 1964. (Personal collection)
I don’t think any white person can really understand what it is like to be a Negro in America. — Eyes on the Prize (documentary): “No Easy Walk” (1961-1963).
My father was what we called a 'race' man. He reacted to anything that smacked of discrimination or prejudice. — Times-Dispatch, Nov. 11, 2007.
Wyatt smiling
Wyatt Tee Walker. Personal collection. (Photo given to me by WTW, 1981.)
Somebody's Calling my Name
Dr. Walker's first major publication (Judson Press, 1979). Personal collection.

The Music Tree

Walker's noted "Music Tree," in Somebody's Calling My Name. Judson Press, 1974.
Andrew Young and Wyatt
Ambassador Andy Young and the Walkers on tour, c.1983. (Personal collection.)
Rosa Parks’ death and Mrs. King’s death signaled to me that our generation is passing—what I think was the greatest generation America has produced. Time is catching up with us. — Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Feb. 2006.
Wyatt leaning
Wyatt Tee Walker at New York Theological Seminary. File photo. c.1974. (Personal collection.)
New Canaan Baptist Church
WTW at Canaan Baptist Church. File photo (Walter Mayo), c.1974
The generation of which I’ve been a part has been influenced by ideas rather than things. Dr. King died a poor man. And this generation has been seduced by ‘bling bling’ and big cars and money and power, rather than ideas. — VVCU, Feb. 2006.
Wyatt Mug shot
Rev. Walker's mug shot, Birmingham, AL, 1961. (
Wyatt with Glasses
Wyatt Tee Walker. (Photo given to me by WTW, 1981. Personal collection)
Wyatt and Clinton
WTW looks on at President Clinton
Wyatt taking photo
WTW loved photography. c.1983. (Personal collection.)
Older Wyatt
WTW at 31st. St. Baptist Church, Richmond, VA. 1995. (Alexa Welch)

Little Known Facts

He loved art, sailing, photography, writing, gospel music, a soothing melody, and golf…but what else? And what's in a name—his name? Stay tuned!

Contact info

This site's administrator is Dr. Melody T. McCloud, an obstetrician-gynecologist, author, public speaker and media consultant in Atlanta, GA. Dr. McCloud was a member of Canaan Baptist Church in the early 1970s.

When working on his doctorate in sacred music, Rev. Walker appointed Melody secretary to the Music Department (under Clinton Utterbach and Gene Cooper). Rev. Walker also asked Melody to help him create and layout the Deacon Parishes, that the church still uses to this day.

After school, Melody regularly helped in the church office; and in 1973, was the Female Youth of the Year. She was a member of the Celestial Choir, the Canaan Concert Choir and other church ministries. She has been published by Simon & Schuster; and is currently working on two book proposals, including one: her memoir.

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